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Madi/Germany/21 years old
Student of Real Estate Management

This blog mostly contains me, my drawings, sometimes my cosplays and other stuff.
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Christian Lacroix's evening dress with leg-of-mutton sleeve in vanilla duchesse satin, inspired by Boldine.

Photo: Irving Penn, Vogue, 1995



Marilyn Monroe poses as Theda Bara, photographed by Richard Avedon, 1958

everybody looks better with black hair


I just like the fact that at some point they sat Mark and Jensen down in a bar, put cowboy hats on them, and were like: “now act obnoxiously happy.”

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my birthday cake for the next 80 years plz

also wedding cake

and the only cake I will accept to eat ever 

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*leans in for the kiss but goes for my own bicep instead*

Hard work is a waste of time if your idea sucks.
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"I’ve started to ship this because of you"

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